Pongio is the first interactive table tennis training app. You can record your match and analyze it live, or in post game, in order to measure your and opponent's stroke speed.


You can easily navigate through your statistics and compare it to the other players. Use this screen to get an overview of your game by clicking a single player icon, or see the Pong10 leaderboard by clicking the group icon. By clicking the left button you will see the navigation menu, and clicking the camera will activate the Record mode.

Calibrate the ball

Tap on the screen to select a ball. Zoom in with your fingers to circle the ball area. Make sure that green marker is on the edges of the ball. The more precisely you calibrate the ball, the more accurate your data will be. For the best tracking results, we suggest using an orange ball.

Configure table position

Place the table inside the tracking area. Move and rotate your phone to match the marker with the table. If needed, you can fine tune table layout by moving the green dots.

Select player to track

Choose whether to track left or right player by clicking on appropriate icon.


Play, upload or delete your videos, or start post-game tracking.